Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Friday

Wooohoooo! It's Friday so to celebrate I made a ard usng my fav things, Embossing folder, Magnolia stamps & lush pink pokadot ribbon :)
I am really not getting a lot of crafting done since starting work, I can just about manage my two design teams and anything else made is a bonus but that's the way it's got to be at the moment. I guess I'm feeling fed up cause I don't see my wage at the end of the month with saving it just in case I find premises for a shop but if i don't need it I'm sure I'll manage to spend it LOL
Had a good day at work with Myra we have been working hard, well Myra has LOL we've got target to get each week, we look to get 90% and above where as the directors are looking for 95%-never gonna happen, anyway Myra and I have been busting a gut and it paid off. We reached 92.2%!!!! this is huge for the team as it's never been done before it was just a shame Mike wasn't in to enjoy the celebration. I do like the job but I'm needing something closer to home, I don't like not being there for the kids, I've been asked to stay on as they are impressed with how well I've fitted in and picked up the job but I've decided to actively look for something local in time for my contract finishing, just means if i don't find anything I can stay on with them :)
In the mean time I'm working with Myra to get her wedding invitations finalised, not being big head but they are real nice, she asked for brown & thistles to be incorporated!!! my head was in a spin with what to come up with, so went out on a limb and with the help of Elmo designed a lovely little thistle and a monogram with Myra & Jim Bobs initials, can't let you see it until its all agreed, the worst big is pricing LOL

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Clair & Sharni said...

What a beautiful card! xxx