Sunday, May 04, 2008

For The Boys!

I really need to up my boy/men card range as I'm really shocking when it comes to catering for them & seen as I still have a few month to get sorted I really have to kick myself into shape before it's too late LOL I just love the little Sk8ter boy from Funky kits but really needed a skull & cross bones so created one with Elmo, not great but does the trick.

I haven really got much time to craft or blog as I've been given a great opportunity to start my wedding stationary business & wedding tiaras. I have been commissioned to create wedding stationary & 3 tiaras for the same bride so I'm well chuffed. Her request is a bit of a worry all she needs is for it all to contain browns & thistles, no problem I said but in my head was spinning!!!! As a trial run I've made her a hair comb for a wedding she has in a couple of weeks and I am very pleased with the result but unfortunately I forgot to take a pic.

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