Sunday, December 07, 2008

Getting Sorted

Had a few orders to get through the past few weeks and I can finally see the might at the end of the tunnel I think! I'll have to get my beading head back on as I am seriously running out of stock the only problem is I have an itch to be creative when i should really just be productive, it never comes along when you want it too LOL

I have really reached the end of these babies too, only two to go :) I do love making them though apart from all the sanding LOL the letter 'N' has been covered in Swarovski's & looking stunning in real life.
Hope you are all getting ready for the big day I can't wait!!! not that we are up to anything flashy or the kids are getting anything huge but I am closing the shop for a couple of weeks and it is just going to be a great family time for us all. Best of all we are heading down to York for a week of exploring down that neck of the woods and a much needed and really looking forward visit to Hubby's Aunt & Uncle in Manchester, only 18 days to go!!!

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Lainy's Little Blog said...

Gorgeous bracelets. Love the colours. Hugs, Lainy xx