Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playing With Wire

I am sooo into these wired rings lately, they are great fun once you get the hand of it, You Tube is an amazing place for tutorials so instead of buying books try there 1st, I leaned all my ring making from there although no where near as great as the tutors.
We tool delivery of some amazing beads last week and the green beads at the top are roundels with a fantastic sparkle, I was itching to try them!!! I am pleased with how the wire working scroll turned out but I think the bead should be a bit larger so I'll have to go put an order in for those, oh it's a hard life! LOL
I spend the day playing with Tiara's again, I have some beautiful Freshwater Pearls in stock that I had to play with and some run of the mill pearls but the pics will have to wait for another day :)


Zazzle Fun said...

Your jewelry is amazing. Beautiful designs. Vickie

TicketyBoo Jewellery said...

really lovely , as someone who really battles with wirework i think yours are gorgeous

ger76 said...

You are too kind :) thanx for stopping buy to leave you kind comments xx