Monday, September 21, 2009

Tiara Heaven!!!

This flower and I have a love hate relationship- My customers love it and now I hate making it!!! It never plays the way I want it too LOL

An old fav but it don't half kill the fingers making it LOL

I loved the lines on the button and wanted to see the mix of feather, crystal & metal, not to struck on it myself but it has been popular.

Free Styleeee I love how the wire is very forgiving and I can let myself play :)

This one was inspired from the clients shoes from my fav shoe store Schuh, Swarovski Crystals all the way for this lady!

These pearls have been in my stash for years and years as I vowed I'd never make a pearly necklace, a real one off.

Freshwater coins came in on an order and they are so beautiful I felt something plain and simple was called for to show off their stunning colour.


Kirsty said...

stunning Tiara's I love the one with the pearls especilly xx

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Beautiful creations, well done. I havent got the patience for something like that

ger76 said...

Aw thanx guys for your lovely comments :) xx