Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jewellery Pics & Coffee Treat

I am sooo loving the ring making at the mo and so do you customers :) I need to find myself a ring mandrel though so I can make different sizes!

This was my Mums birthday pressie from my Dad, Its a beautiful ring shaped St.Silver neck chain with a huge chunk of Swarovski Crystal, the pic really doesn't show it at it's best, I liked it that much a made one for myself with a Swarovski Starfish

I am thoroughly ashamed to say this was my treat when I was out with my mate for 'Cappuccino time' this week, a beautifully tasty black pudding tower!!!! The head on that cappuccino I kid you not was about 2" high and it tasted real good :) I will be good next time and just have a Cinnamon & apple scone mmmmmmmmm

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