Saturday, August 11, 2007

Well I never!!

Well i never was sitting late last night with the house as quiet as a mouse flicking through the free copy of Papercraft Essentials magazine that came thought that morning not knowing the reason why I got it free, when I get to page 17 and two of my cards are in it!!
I had no idea they were being put in, I got an email last week asking for my address cause the editor wanted to send me a free mag but I just thought it was because they were looking for subscribers , I think I'll have to buy another now so I can frame it & hang it in the shop you laugh when you see the size of the piece! LoL


Samm said...

This is fab!!! Congratulations!!!


Margaret A said...

Congratulations, the cards are stunning. Now I want a Robo.
Margaret A

ger76 said...

Thanx guys it was a great surprize :o)

Patsy Jackson said...

Congrats Ger - I did post something on a thread about it in UKS for you but you to tell you at the weekend!!! But you obviously did not see it! I loved the cards :)

Sue Nicholson said...

Fantastic news :) What a lovely surprise.

Nothing will ever beat the feeling of seeing your name in print. It's priceless.

Bet you keep looking at it over and over again and pinching yourself.

I have a CR and I think your cards are brilliant. I'm not surprised that PE thought so too.



p.s. Read the above post first . . . love your hair :)

Clare said...

Great cards, you inspired me to make a similar 'Fab at 40' Card on my Robo.