Thursday, August 02, 2007

Scrap A Little Sunshine

"This project started in Holland and has now spread to Belgium, Spain, Canada, and the U.S.A.Of course us crafters in the U.K cannot be left behind.
The idea is that you make mini-albums for children with cancer in which they can stick photographs and little notes from family and friends.The albums should be about 15x15 cm. with 5 pages and lots of pockets to hide things in.You don't need to decorate them completely as it would be nice for the kids to do that themselves. You could put diecuts or stickers in one of the envelopes for this.I am arranging a few childrens hospitals both in Scotland and in England who will take part in this .
They will be named later on when it's all finalised, probably by the end of the week.The albums would be sent to me for the Scottish hospitals and to...( to be announced later on when it's finalised) for one(s) in England. and then taken to the hospitals in October.on this link you can read more about it and at the bottom is a slideshow of some albums that have been made already.

these are some that have been made at the Dutch forum

are you up for it????" & remember spread the word ;O)

I'm taking part in the making of some album for this great cause but if you'd like any info so you can join in please give me a shout xx
Just a little update on some info from Ellen :-
"The info on the blurb has changed a bit in that the hospitals in Scotland are now known

The Royal Hospital for Children in Edinburgh


The Yorkhill Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow

I'm still waiting on the other ones down south.
The enddate for sending them in has been moved to the end of October and the size of the albums is not 15x15 anymore but anything goes (as you can read on the blog.) It was just a rough guideline."


craftyanny said...

Thanks for posting this info so quickly.
It's a worthwhile cause so lets hope lots more mini albums are now winding there way to Ellen.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

thank you for contacting me darling.
Im away for a few weeks but will be back soon.
Id love to be a part of this - will you contact me at the end of aug, if its not too late xx