Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Arrival

Well after the most horrid journey through the snow on Friday we picked up this little beauty, he is a Blue Mitter Ragdoll and has been given the name of "Merlin" To all our amazement he has settle in brilliantly, loads of playing, sleeping and eating. He is great with the kids, loves Matthew to bits as he has more confidence with him but Abbie is learning and she is taking baby steps and is getting past her fears and thinks he's smashing so we're all pleased, he really didn't have an option to fit in with all the noise and excitement in this house. We have found him crying a couple of time and looking for some loves, it must be hard being without our brothers and sisters and all the other 5 cats, but he gets a cuddle and seems happy again. I'll no doubt bore you with more pics of him and some scrapping will defo have to be done as he's such a poser!!! Hate to think what I'll be like with my kitti when I get one, well if I get one thats some serious stash pennies just for a cat :)


Andrea, said...

Wow he is the most gorgeous kitten

Kim said...

Aww he is absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't be able to put him down!!