Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sugar Nellie Chalange 2

Well here's my offering, a tad late I'm afraid cause my we phone decided it didn't want to play this week!! not good, the theme is "dressing up" I'm aftaid my outfit is a tad boring but the papers I used where a bit busy to go wild but I like it. Pop over via the link on the right if you want to join in :o)
As for life things are just flying by at an alaming rate, before I now it Robert will be getting ready to leave us for another two month stint, not looking forward to that but it has to be done. I'm still working away but not enjoying it, I think I've just got too used to being able to do anything at the drop of the hat & after missng out in a few things at the kids school it really got to me, but needs must and all of that. As for the shop that seems to have taken a sudden stop, we where suposed to get an answer on the 5th Dec and haven't heard anyting, we had a couple of objections so it really isn't looking good, I may have to look for premises the way tings are going :(

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