Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well I finally finished Myra's tiara, I totally stressed myself out whether she was going to like it but thankfully she did and it even got the approval of her nine year old son which was sweet seen as mine never said a thing LOL

I also managed to get one of the girls tiaras done, my poor little fingers where sore with all that twisting but worth the pain in the end, just one more to get done. I thought the only thing left doing was her place cards but they have found another 15 people to invite so I'll be busy getting them done this week as well!
I'm really glad I took on the tiaras as I've loved making them, I've just been shocked by the different prices tags on some I've seen around the net! it's all very confusing when your new to it and have no idea how much you should charge, it's the old dilemma if you charge too much you are seen as expensive but if you charge to little you are seen as having an inferior product!!! but I'm sure I'll get there in the end and will hopefully have many more orders in the future *Ü*

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