Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Plaster is off

As the title suggests we have the plaster off, well most of it the plaster left is falling off the wall if its merely touched so we've concentrated on the harder stuff. We're removing the plaster, wire brushing the stone to clean it up,surprisingly the colour coming through is great, we then brush the stone lightly and seal with water seal paint. Well that's the plan but the cleaning of the stone is taking longer than thought, my dad did managed to get the old toilet out so the only thing left is the sewage hole which he's going to block when he has the right stuff :O) These are the pics I took tonight just to show the progress, the strange pics of the stones are before and after shots, well that's what they are supposed to be, so you can so them uncleaned and then clean. My Mum and Dad have a stove in their living room so Dad suggested we put a small version in the old fire place, it also means I don't have to put in any heating and the logs are cheap from the mill. The pic showing the stairs will hopefully be changed so the stairs are turned into where the till area is, if you know what I mean, so no one can get upstairs and then when downstairs is up and running we plan to sort it so I can run classes upstairs out the way of the shop.

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