Friday, January 19, 2007

Dreaded cleaning day

I thought I'd get some pics on before I start with the cleaning, i did my first layout of the year wwwooohoooo, it's for a comp that I am taking part in so fingers crossed. We had to make a layout using only black and white with 1 picture and 1 coloured embellish, I know the middle of the flower is yellow but I plan to change it I just can't find my large white brads anywhere. The journal reads:

"This picture was taken when you were only a few months old. I have always loved it because for some reason it seems to stir up so many emotions for that period in our lives. You were the baby & sister for Matthew I never thought we were going to have, love forever & always Mum x."

I looked at the picture of her and wrote down all the feelings I had and the words that popped into my head and decided it would be nice to write them around the photo instead of in the journal. I did start with a sketch for this piece but I'm afraid the finished result looks nothing like it :o)

It was a good excuse to play with my new toy, I ordered a light tent from ebay to try and get better pics of my jewellery & I'm quite surprised with the results, I took picture of the layout and the watch below with only the natural light from my living room, not bad for a first attempt.

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Sprogpaws said...

Awh, it's a lovely layout, Ger, the simple lines set of that gorgeous photo perfectly. What a sweetie she is - almost enough to make me broody again!