Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have my exploding box started, my first try was the pink one but I felt it was too small so I thought I'd be a smart ass and try and re-size what a palava but I managed it, I think the blue one will work a lot better for photo's & will be great for putting a gift in :o)

I also have my first contributor Marjie a friend from the imag-e-nation website a great job well done! Please remember anyone can take part the more the merrier, it's great to see other peoples take on them.

Spent a bit of time in the shop today and managed to get a lot done, all the brick is finished on three sides & I started the last bit. Big mistake! it turns out this last section doesn't want to come off gggrrrr, so I've decided seen as my counter is going there and I'll have to have shelves up it would be better covered in plaster board which thankfully means less work. I never managed to get to Glasgow :o( so hopefully we will get next weekend to check out counters etc.
I had a phone call today from a Personal Impressions rep who was very lovely & will be sending me out some catalogues for me to browse mmmmmmmmm shopping! It was funny though she was telling me that the minimum order amount was 750.00 as if that was going to be a problem hee hee, I could spend that on Quickutz alone.

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