Monday, January 15, 2007

Suggestions please!!!

I've just realsied thet I have a meeting next Monday with my business advisor regarding the shop, aaaaaaahhhhh, I just kept telling everyone oh it's on the 20th well it's nearly here already. I'm now wondering if I should have the name for the shop sorted incase I have to fill forms in etc when I'm there so my question to all my visitor is, what do you think?
Some background info, it will be based in a small seaside village called Cullen, I will be selling handmade paper gifts, soap, jewellery & craft goodies and I guess anything shaker style as I lourve that whole look. I came up with the obvious 'Cullen Crafts' but I was wondering if anyone could come up with better, if you can pop your idea in the comments & if I use your idea I'll pop a prize in the post :O)


Hysteri-CAL said...

Cullens Curious Crafts
Cullens World of Curiosity
The Curiosity Shop
Quaintly Cullens
Quaint World of Cullens (Crafts)
Calico Crafts (calico is a type of sea shell)
Clam Crafts
Cullens Bizarre
Quirky Cullens
Craftily Cullens

Thats it for now ... back later ...

Flo said...

I like Cullens Bizarre - but should it be Bazaar? (or however it's spelt)

Ummm - maybe something with "gifts" in it?

I appear to be rubbish at this!


nik said...

just been reading your shop name suggestions, just incase there is another crafty bit type shop, how about "Remember Cullen"

Dorothy Cullen said...

How about
Cullens Craft Haven

Donna said...

Does cullen have a harbour and if so is your shop near it, you call it

A Harbour of Gifts and Crafts

Good luck :)