Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Shoes

I got some fab new shoes today I've been looking for a pair of Dr Marten Air in Sky blue for yonks, I think I'll do a layout of them :o)

What did my Abbie do when she got home from nursery, shreeked oooooooh! and promptly put them on, bless she's just shoe daft no matter who's they are.

I got some jewellery making done today which is a first for the year I'm embarrassed to say. I decided to use my blue beads, I don't use blue very often as it's not ofter requested, I used them with the new gun metal heart clasps I got from the wholesalers.

Got some great suggestions for the shop name coming forward here's some of them so far-

Handmade for you
Carefully crafted
Cullen Chic crafts
Cullen get it
Cullen Skink
Cullens Cove
Sand sea Shell
Cullens Crafty Cavern
Cave Crafting
heaven Crafters Haven
Keep them coming they are all a great help!

I've been a busy bunny today I've no idea why but I shouldn't complain, made a couple of cards ...
....Oh I unpacked my shopping from the weekend as well, picked up a couple of bargain's for the shop just for display I thought it would be nice to fill the shop with nice nick knacks. The large heart candle holder was reduced to 2.00 so I couldn't leave it on the shelf at that price! The gumball machine is something I've always wanted, it was reduced and PINK so I had to have it, I was thinking of putting beads or buttons inside not sure as it looks great empty too!...

....tried to come up with a font I liked for the shop, I made the template in Elmo and I'm rather pleased with the results as it means I don't have to spend a fortune on somwone else doing them & I can size them to what I need, I just have to decide which font I like from these two..... and finally I unpacked another box and found ZIPPY! My craft room has been lost without him, I had packed him away with the Christmas stock by mistake, never mind :o)

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