Monday, April 02, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge #2- Behind My Blog

No pics today the promp for the Ultimate Blog Challenge gave me a few things to think about so I decided to start at the beginning :D My reasons behind my blog back in 2006 was really just to document my craft creations and a little family diary, I had no idea where my crafting would lead at the time even then. At the time I was selling handmade toppers on ebay and doing jewellery parties in the local area which helped pay for my addictions, then while trying for planning permission to turn an out building in our garden to a shop I end up going a step further by grabbing my dream and signed a lease for a shop in my village.
Blogging has never been a constant thing trying to juggle a new business, home & family my blog had to take a back seat most times, but with the wonder on new technology I have a lovely little blogger app on my iphone that is helping making blogling so much easier :D

Here are a few of my fav crafty places to visit out in blogland-

Fab place for all things creative with great Turorials-Crafterholic

Complete random mix of fantastic creations- Totally Tutorials

Again another random craft site packed with brill crafts- Craft Gossip

Now if your looking for brilliant papercraft blogs check out the links at the right side of my blog, thanx for stopping by x


Emma Collins x said...

Love today's post. I don't think you needed pictures xx

Emma Collins x said...

Loved today's post. It's nice that prompts can get you thinking and don't need images x

Nicole Bandes said...

Welcome to the challenge!