Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge #7- K & Co Smash*

We are getting very excited at Cullen Crafts with the soon to arrive Smash* range from K & Co, I once was an avid scrapbooker and was under the silly impression when I opened the shop nearly 4 years ago I would be able to scrapbook every week, well in truth I have managed about 4 pages in that time!!!
But hopefully this will all change with the new range Smash* it's a new style of journaling(which I never liked doing) and scrapbooking on the go, there are some fantastic books, pads, embellishments and the fabbi washi tapes so keep your eye out a it should be arriving in the shop in the next week or so :D
If you are new to the whole Smash* phenomenon or are an old hat there is a group dedicated to us Smash*ers in old Blighty, if you would like to join in with a great group or gals sharing pages, tips and offers then click the link above and get involved :D

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