Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Life Blog Prompt 9#

Creativity Blog Prompt 9#

Todays blog prompt is based on quotes. Find  quote and blog about it.
Who was the quote by? Does the quote make you smile? reflect on life? Get your crafting mojo going?

I wouldn't say this was my fav quote in fact quotes in general don't play a part in my life, I can appreciate a good one none the less. its been a tough week for my Mum & me and I haven't managed to keep up with the 31 Blog Prompt Challenge and I wasn't intending to write a morbid blog post but when I came across the above quote on Pinterest it felt right.

Tragically my Mum & mines friend Maggie passed away suddenly on Sunday, one minute she was fine and the next gone so this week has been horrid so far to say the least and I am dreading the though of her funeral. We've only known each other for 4 short years and the the beginning she was one of the first customers to come to my shop and we got on so well from the start :D We'd talk about everything crafty and sometimes she'd spend hours with me in the shop just sharing out love of crafts, talking about family you know the usual, then it progresses to a group of us sharing nights out to the cinema and the Indian(which was Maggies fav). She would help anyone, had time for everyone and even though she didn't keep well she done her bit for the community helping with the kids fund-raising at the CYC & liked by all on the Town Hall Committee.
So when I saw the quote above it struck a cord as you never know when life is going to give you a right kick up the ass and take the feet away from you, so we should all do our very best to try do all those things we wanted to do before its too late!!
Gone but you'll never be far from our thoughts Maggie xxx


Marleen Gallagher said...

Im so sorry for your loss hun, thank you for sharing. HUGE hugs xxx

Crafty Fran said...

Aww bless you, what a lovely piece you have written about your friend, ((((hugs)))) xxxxxx

Emma Collins {PR} said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I think this quote is wonderful x